nugs token

defi dankness


crypto is stressful.  we designed the NUGS token to be a fun escape.  it's rug-proof, with all liquidity locked in a smart contract, so you can chill and BLAZE some NUGS worry-free.


there are 420,000,000 NUGS and the supply is constantly shrinking.  every transaction results in tokens being destroyed forever.  this the economic principle of scarcity, bro. 

03 / 4:20 LOTTERY

daily lottery at 04:20 china standard time. one of the the top 420 holders will be randomly selected to receive a fat sack of NUGS for doing absolutely nothing. 

2% fee on every NUGS transaction

1% immediately BLAZED.

1% tossed in the STASH JAR.

  • these tokens are destroyed forever

  • reduces supply and benefits all participants

  • these tokens are the lottery payout

  • every day at 04:20 cst, one of the top 420 holders will RAID THE STASH


token metrics

the details


space crops team - 21m NUGS


new crops stash - 31.5m NUGS


hype stash - 52.5m NUGS


public crop - 315m NUGS



total NUGS



no bullshit

what is the NUGS token?

NUGS is an ERC-20 token designed to bring some fun to the blockchain. it is the first release from the space crops development team.

is NUGS an investment?

no. NUGS is part game, part social experiment. NUGS may have value like most tokens, but should not be considered an investment.

what is the transaction fee?

all NUGS transactions are charged a 2% fee (in addition to the gas that all ethereum transactions require). the fees are used for two purposes: 1% is immediately BLAZED and destroyed forever, reducing total supply. 1% gets put in the STASH JAR and is used as the payout for the daily 04:20 lottery. the top 420 holders are automatically entered to win.

why the top 420 holders?

besides the obvious cannabis reference, we believe it's much more interesting this way. if we included all holders in a lottery, it would simply incentivize people to make as many wallets as possible, each containing a tiny amount of NUGS. pretty boring. by limiting the lottery to the top 420 holders, we are creating more complex incentives - like making more transfers - which increase the amount of tokens BLAZED as well as the amount of tokens in the STASH JAR.

how is the daily winner selected?

a smart contract randomly selects the winner and has a series of mechanisms in place to prevent anyone (including the dev team) from being able to influence who gets to RAID THE STASH.

how will the token be distributed?

we have designed our distribution model to put the whale and the guppy on a level playing field. NUGS will be offered in a single initial liquidity pool with a maximum contribution of 3 eth.

how many NUGS tokens exist?

NUGS will launch with 420,000,000 tokens in circulation. by the very nature of the NUGS smart contract, the supply will constantly shrink. this deflationary property is part of what makes trading NUGS so much fun.

what's in it for the dev team?

space crops development team will keep 5% of the total supply of NUGS.

why are the devs anonymous?

a few reasons. first, we are drawn to the original crypto ethos of total autonomy. we are deliberately removing ourselves so that the NUGS experiment runs purely on code, with no human intervention, and can develop in a way that is dictated by users, not developers.

next, we are private people in general who became interested in cryptocurrency for the anonymity and censor-proof qualities it offers.
it also doesn't seem prudent to doxx ourselves after posting a video with enormous bags of weed in the background lol.

who is behind this token?

space crops development team. we are designers, coders, and crypto nerds that decided to create a series of fun, completely autonomous social experiments on the blockchain to see what happens.


stash raiders

4:20 lottery







DISCLAIMER: NUGS token is purely entertainment, not an investment. Before purchasing NUGS, you must ensure that the nature, complexity and risks inherent in the trading of cryptocurrency are suitable for your objectives in light of your circumstances and financial position. You should only purchase NUGS to have fun on the blockchain and, perhaps, win the daily lottery. Many factors outside of the control of NUGS Token will effect the market price, including, but not limited to, national and international economic, financial, regulatory, political, terrorist, military, and other events, adverse or positive news events and publicity, and generally extreme, uncertain, and volatile market conditions. Extreme changes in price may occur at any time, resulting in a potential loss of value, complete or partial loss of purchasing power, and difficulty or a complete inability to sell or exchange your digital currency. NUGS Token shall be under no obligation to purchase or to broker the purchase back from you of your cryptocurrency in circumstances where there is no viable market for the purchase of the same. None of the content published on this site constitutes a recommendation that any particular cryptocurrency, portfolio of cryptocurrencies, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. None of the information providers or their affiliates will advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular cryptocurrency, portfolio of cryptocurrencies, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. The products and services presented on this website may only be purchased in jurisdictions in which their marketing and distribution are authorised.